The "roguelike-inspired platformer" Spelunky was released on XBLA on July 4th, 2012! For review codes, interview requests, and general inquiries, please email Derek. The original game is still available as freeware for Windows (and has been ported to Mac by fans).

For Spelunky media, please go to the Media page. High-resolution photos of the development team members may be obtained by clicking on their portraits below (for press and/or adoration-related purposes only).

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Derek released the original Spelunky as freeware in 2008. The game quickly became popular for its challenge and its unique take on the platformer genre.

A year later, Braid creator Jon put Derek in touch with Microsoft about doing a new version for XBLA. Bringing together the talented team of Andy Hull and Eirik Suhrke, Derek set about the task with enthusiasm. Three years later, the new era of Spelunky was born!

Derek is also the Editor-in-Chief of the website TIGSource.


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Andy left his job as a wooden toy designer in 2008 to embark on an indie adventure. He released a digital children's book called "What is Bothering Carl?" before working with Derek on Spelunky for XBLA. He was the lead programmer on the project and also contributed art, design, and audio.


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Eirik, also known as "Phlogiston" or "Phlog", is a prolific composer who has worked on a number of indie titles, including Super Crate Box and Ridiculous Fishing. He lent his unique talents to Spelunky, creating 47 tunes for the game's dynamic soundtrack and directing it's overall sound.

These days, Eirik performs with his band Pajjama and continues to work on soundtracks for indie games.

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